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Live Account Opening Application Form (Individual)

Please complete the application after completing the necessary information on the account opening application form below. Opening an account in VirtueForex is unnecessary until the time of application for payment, so you can apply for account opening in just a few minutes.

If you wish to open an account under the name of a corporation, please apply from the corporate account opening page.

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Confirmation about transaction

Do you understand that the transaction service offered by the Company understands that it is a relative transaction based on foreign exchange margin trading and that the rate may be different from other companies? *

Did you understand that FX transactions are not guaranteed principal and that there may be losses due to price fluctuation of the target currency, swap points, etc.? *

In our FX trading, did you understand that all losses will be settled as a loss cut (forced settlement) if an evaluation loss of more than a certain standard specified by the Company occurs to prevent the loss of customers? *

Did you understand that there is a possibility that the customer's intention can not be made due to system failure or the like? *